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Introducing CrossFit 858

CrossFit 858 will provide fun, top notch, community based fitness training and will help you meet YOUR individual goals. (Not your “Globo gym” or “Big Box” trainer’s goals) Whether it’s to lose weight or put on muscle, when overall fitness comes first all else will follow.

All workouts can be performed “as prescribed” or scaled to your individual capacity. Whether you are an elite athlete or a couch potato trying to get back in shape, all levels of fitness are not only accepted but encouraged. You do not have to “be in shape first” to try CrossFit.

CrossFit 858 has two locations: Miramar and Mission Valley.  We have a combined 10,000+ square feet of functional space providing functional fitness to the San Diego community.

Come in today and see what you’ve been missing out on….

Our community is waiting for you.

Latest News & Announcements

Kids Room and Porsha Keenon!

Kids Room at CrossFit 858 Mission Gorge

It’s with great pleasure that I announce we officially have the Kids Room set up at our Mission Gorge location!

The Kids Room will be available for parents that have children that need to be watched while they workout.  This is a great way for you to enjoy your workout, distraction free, and know your kids will be in a safe, controlled environment.



Features of the Kids Room

  • Gated access to ensure kids won’t wander off into the gym
  • Background verified Kids Room supervisor: Porsha Kennon (more on Porsha later)
  • Check in/Check out sheet for documentation and accountability
  • Closed circuit security camera monitoring and recording
  • Toys for kids of all ages
  • Baby and Toddler friendly with changing station
  • Netflix Kids (coming soon) for entertainment

Rules of the Kids Room

  • All kids must be signed in and out with Porsha, by parent or legal guardian
  • Parents or legal guardians are NOT permitted to leave the premises while kids are in the Kids Room (This is NOT daycare/childcare).
  • Gate must remain closed at all times
  • If your kid is sick, they will not be permitted in the Kids Room
  • No shoes in the kids room: floors are disinfected for those of crawling age and we want to ensure we don’t track in any germs!
  • Kids room will be available and staffed by Porsha
    • M/W/F 9:30am-10:30am, during womens only class
    • M-F 4-6pm
    • If no kids have been checked in and signed in by 10 mins past the start of class, the kids room will be shut down until the next available scheduled class.
  • This service is FREE to all CrossFit 858 members!!!!!

Here’s some background on Porsha Kennon:



  • Navy Spouse and mother of two
  • Avid CrossFitter since 2013
  • Over 10 years of experience working with kids; ranging from Teacher’s Aid to running a nursery
  • CPR/AED certified via American Heart Association
  • Always smiling and happy! (That’s my own observation)

Workout of the Day

October 8 2015


  • 2015 Halloween Party at MIRAMAR CLICK HERE for Facebook invite!
  • We now use SUGARWOD to track our fitness, and compare between two gyms!  CLICK HERE
  • Kids Room is now available at the Mission Gorge location!  CLICK HEREto read more


800m run

40 Double Unders (80 singles)

30 Goblet Lunges (53/35)

20 Ring Dips (sub: leg supported or jumping ring dips)

2 Rounds for time