Athlete of the Quarter: Jose Marasigan

Athlete of the Quarter: Jose Marasigan

Each Quarter, we will highlight a CrossFit 858 athlete.  We choose this athlete based on a mixture of several criteria:

  • Overall results obtained at CrossFit 858
  • Positive attitude and demeanor
  • Athlete community engagement

Our CrossFit 858 Athlete of the Quarter is….  JOSE MARASIGAN!!  Watch the video and read his interview!


We were lucky to have Jose walk through our doors when he was looking for a new CrossFit home.  His compassion and attitude was a natural fit for our culture and luckily he decided to stay.  Jose is a special breed of athlete.  He is always the last person to leave the floor as he is personally ensuring that nobody finishes alone.  We need more Joses!  Please join me in congratulating him!  Jose, thank you for embodying our spirit and being a great role model member of this community.


Give us a brief background of yourself?

I’m 38, married and have 3 kids. Bay Area Native that moved to San Diego 15 years ago. I work for Kaiser Permanente as a Team Lead that oversees the Billing and Eligibility for California. I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 3 years now.

Why CrossFit 858/What brought you to 858?

Before CrossFit 858, I was at another location for almost 2 years. I had to change locations due to new management and they had a different vision than I had. I chose CrossFit 858 after trying a few places because of the coaching, the structured classes, a few familiar faces and I just felt like I belonged here.

How long have you been with CrossFit 858 and what results have you seen?

I’ve been with CrossFit 858 since the end of July 2016. I believe I’ve gotten stronger, but haven’t really tested my limits yet. I just know from the daily WODs and what I’m able to do during those SWODs/WODs.
What has been your best experience here so far?

I believe that would be bringing a couple friends with me to CrossFit 858 and seeing them transform to reach their goals right before my eyes

What has been the hardest adjustment?

That would be me coming to CrossFit 858 by myself. Meeting new people and being in an unfamiliar place. Also my wife and I just recently had our 3rd child. So there’s been a lot of adjustments with that and it’s not quite easy to eat the right foods with such limited time. Also there are times I just don’t feel as strong with the lack of sleep.

Tell us about a goal you have?

Besides getting back on track with an eating regime and to lose the Dad Bod. Which I’m currently working with Mark and a few other Athletes to accomplish that. I really would like to pursue being a CrossFit Coach. I feel like I’m ready for the next level and I can help make a difference and inspire current and new athletes.

Biggest accomplishment?

No doubt this would be finally being able to do DOUBLE UNDERS. I can get a good 8 DUs consistently. But the most I’ve done is 25 straight unbroken.

What would you suggest to a new CrossFitter?

To never feel like you can’t do any movement or that you’ll never be able to do what other athletes do. Because we all started at different levels. Some of us are still learning movements or perfecting lifts. When I first started I couldn’t do a pull up without using 2 thick bands. Now I can do pull ups with no bands (kipping or strict)

Do you have a favorite coach?

This is a tough one cause each coach is appreciated in their own ways and also I haven’t met all the coaches. Mark is cool cause he’s very knowledgeable and runs a great ship. Tammy is the lovable coach and crazy coach that everyone loves. Matt is great cause he’s very good at helping you correct the slightest technique to help with movements or lifts. Lindsay knows how I am as an athlete due to us knowing each other from another box, so she knows how much to push me and what she needs to say for me to keep going. Ashley is awesome cause she’s always so happy and encouraging, especially at 5:15 in the morning. But my favorite coach is Marion, she has a mixture of a lot of the coaches I’ve mentioned. She’s like a balance to everything at 858. She can be all business, with a mixture of let’s have fun doing what we love. Her FriYay comments, helps me realize that we’ve worked so hard all week and let’s end the week on a good note and give it all we got. She’s always willing to answer any question and is very approachable. I guess the reason I like her as a coach, she makes things enjoyable. She doesn’t push us over the edge cause she knows some of us are just there to work out and have fun.