Left Coast Rumble 2017

Left Coast Rumble 2017

On November 18, 2017, The Left Coast Rumble is coming back! Test your fitness in events that are designed to highlight your strengths and exploit your weaknesses


  • Individual competition open to ALL CrossFitters
  • Men’s and Women’s Rx and SCALED levels available
  • Events WILL be announced ahead of time, aside from Event 3.  This adds an element of suspense
  • Left Coast Rumble will be held at CrossFit 858 MIRAMAR on Saturday November 18, 2017
  • 8am start


  • Event 1:
    • Buy in: 30/25 cal (These cals do NOT count toward your 100), then
      Deadlift and/or Row for Cal
      Scaled: 185/125
      Accumulate 100 reps and/or rowing cals for time, after the initial buy in. 7 min cap.
    • Score=Time completed or number of reps completed if capped
    • Explanation: You will start off with a 30/25 cal rowing buy in at the start of the 7 minute clock.  After the completion of the buy in, you have the time remaining to complete a combination of 100 reps and/or cals on the rower.  You may stay on the rower the whole time or you may deadlift the whole time, or you may do any combination of the two.
  • Event 2:
    • 2 Hang Power Cleans, Ascending Ladder, followed by, 2 attempts at @ Max Unbroken Wall Balls (20/14 to 10’/9’)

    • Score = Weight successfully lifted+ each Wall Ball shot will count as an additional pound

    • Explanation:  There will be 10 stations with the weights listed below.  You will have 30 seconds at each station to successfully complete TWO Hang Power Cleans to move to the next station.  There is a 10 second transition between stations.  For the weight of the station to count towards your score, BOTH Hang Power Cleans must be completed.  They do not need to be unbroken.  After your last station, you will transition over to a Wall Ball Station.  You will then have two attempts to accumulate Max Unbroken Wall Balls.  There is no time limit on each session as long as it’s unbroken and you are not “no repped”.  There’s 30 seconds of rest between attempts 1 and 2. Each Wall Ball shot will count as an additional pound added to your score.


      Rx Men/Women: 96/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/115, 185/125, 225/135, 255/145, 275/155, 295/165, 315/175

      Scaled Men/Women: 65/45, 75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 135/85, 155/95, 175/105, 195/115, 215/125, 235/135

  • Event 3:
    • “Kalsu Shows Mercy”

      AMRAP 12min, Max Thrusters, EMOM 5 burpees

    • Score=Total Thrusters
    • Weights: Rx: 135/95

      Scaled 95/65

    • Explanation:  At the start of “go” you will complete 5 burpees.  Upon completion, you will move to the barbell and complete max thrusters until the top of the next minute where you will complete 5 burpees.  You will follow this pattern for 12 minutes. All 5 burpees MUST be completed at the top of the minute prior to thrusters. You may sit out rounds to rest, but to resume thrusters, you must complete 5 burpees the top of the next active minute.


  • The EARLY bird entry fee is only $50, non refundable.  Will cover cost of Tshirt and prizes/awards



Registration 730am
Kickoff and briefing 8:00
Event 1 Heat 1 warms up 8:30
Heat 1 start 8:50
Heat 2 9:00
Heat 3 9:10
Heat 4 9:20
Heat 5 9:30
Heat 6 9:40
Heat 1 start 10:10
Heat 1 end/2 set up 10:35
Heat 2 start 10:50
Heat 2 end/3set up 11:05
Heat 3 start 11:20
Heat 3 end/4set up 11:35
Heat 4 start 11:50
Heat 4 ends 12:10
Lunch Break 12:10
Set up for EVENT 3 1:10pm
Heat 1 start 1:30
Heat 2 1:45
Heat 3 2:00
Heat 4 2:15
Heat 5 2:30
Heat 6 2:45
Calculations of results 3:00
Presentation of awards 3:20




To enter, please follow these next two steps:

  1. Go the the CrossFit 858 Miramar Mindbody site and select “Left Coast Rumble Entry” in the online store under “services” CLICK HERE
  2. Fill out your Name, Division, and select your shirt/Tank size on our entry form HERE

If We need people to help with event set up, equipment set up for events, judges, and more to make this day run smoothly. you would like to help with judging or volunteering, please follow this link: https://goo.gl/forms/Orebra9jPDq8ywDd2