2018 New Years Specials

2018 New Years Specials

For 1st time members

We are ringing in the New Year with a rare and limited special.   We are offering One month of membership AND 5 one on one private foundations sessions for an all inclusive price of $99!

This $99 deal offers you:

  1. One month of unlimited classes for CrossFit, NonStop HIIT classes, ATG Barbell Classes and ROMWOD mobility classes
  2. FIVE one on one private training classes

This is 66% off our regular price!

So come in for a FREE CLASS then sign up for this deal!

Terms and conditions

  • This is an introductory offer for the first month, with no long term commitments
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with our Free week trial

To sign up

Please click on the appropriate link for your location:

For existing members

If you pay for two months up front, we will give you a FREE Private Training session at a value of $79.  This session can be used for anything you desire:  conditioning, strength training, skill sessions to work on that elusive muscle up, etc.

If you are interested, email info@crossfit858.com