No Contracts!


  •  $153 Family (same household), law enforcement, military, and student discounted rate
  • ATG Barbell classes included
  • Nonstop classes included

Private Training

One-on-one 1-hour sessions


per session
  • $375 / 5-pack
  • $700 / 10-pack

Nutrition Navigation

Customized Macronutrient and Meal Planning


add-on / month
  • Tailored for weight loss or gain
  • Unlimited support
  • One updated roadmap per month to reflect your new weight

Access to ALL THREE Locations with Any Membership!

One Week Free Introductory Trial!

Potential New Members: Try us for one week, FREE! Sign up for the FREE one-week membership on MindBodyOnline

  • The one week free is for local residents only please. Visiting CrossFitters are excluded, please use our Drop In Service.  Local ID or proof of residence required.
  • Note: The one week free membership doesn’t start until you actually show up for your first free class, not when you sign up online!
  • Please bring a cup or bottle when you come to workout.  We have water available.
  • When the trial is over and you wish to sign up, please just show up to your next class and your membership will be processed in person.  DO NOT USE THE DROP IN SERVICE FOR THIS. Note:You cannot sign up for a membership online by yourself.  (Please bring a credit card for your recurring charges)


  • $75 One Time Fee – New Members
  • For those new to CrossFit.  We are setting you up for success by offering three (3) personalized and small group class focusing on all aspects of CrossFit.
  • Foundations classes are 60 minutes long starting with a short lecture on important subject matter (Approach to CrossFit, Nutrition, Proper Movement), followed by workshops on movements and ending with a small workout where you put the movements into application.
  • You will receive a CrossFit 858 Welcome Packet with important information:
    • What is CrossFit? (Methods, FAQ’s and Tips for first two years)
    • Getting Started (Policies, Tracking Workouts, Goal Setting)
    • CrossFit Fundamental Movements
    • Nutrition
    • Gym Rules
  • You must take 3 Foundations classes (F1, F2, F3) within 3 weeks of signing up or you will not be permitted to attend normal classes after.  There is flexibility where you can take F1-3 in one week or space them out over 3 weeks.  You don’t need to take the 3 Foundations classes in order!  Also, you can take classes during this 3 week phase.
  • You do NOT take Foundations until AFTER you become a member.
  • If you are experienced in CrossFit and coming from another gym, you can test out of Foundations
  • Foundations schedule across the 3 gyms

10% Discount

All active military (spouses also INCLUDED), law enforcement, first responders, and students.

$20 Drop In Fee

For visiting, experienced CrossFitters
(do NOT use this if you are coming in to sign up for a membership)

∗ Membership cancellations require thirty (30) day advanced notice.